Catching Fire Book Review!



With regards as the movie of Catching Fire release this week. Here’s my book review of it. And of course next week expect for a Mockingjay book review! Hope you all enjoy :D



Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark both survived the Hunger Games. Both returned home wanting and expecting a somewhat peaceful future. But the Capitol is angry. The Capitol wants revenge.

When rumors of a rebellion that she started reach Katniss’ ears, everything changes. Now, as Peeta and Katniss are forced to visit the districts on the mandatory Victory Tour, everything can and will go wrong—if Katniss and Peeta cannot pull off their act as two madly-in-love teenagers. If they fail, both their families and their entire district could be in danger of President Snow’s wrath.



Let us take a moment and admire how Suzanne Collins wrote this book. I mean, it was just amazing and how she showed how all the victors would come together in a battle arena. And those mixed emotions when one of the characters that you just like would just immediately die right before your eyes. Come on, who wouldn’t be excited with what Suzanne Collins left us at the first book , “The Hunger Games“. And that surprising puzzle within the arena itself. Yep, you wouldn’t expect that to happen.  It’s just so, ugh, words just can’t explain how I felt when I read this book. I mean of course, more gore, well would I be surprised after everything that happened in the first book. But that ending though. It was such a cliff hanger that I was irritated and had an urge to buy the next book immediately. That oh so plot twist and cliff hanger just gave me mixed emotions all over when I just read this book. It was an amazing book I must say and it was nicely written. Take aside the fact that irritating cliff hanger that any book would give us readers. But Suzanne Collins did a great job in putting that cliff hanger at the end.  But still, that cliff hanger. Ughh. I can just go rant and rant about it but you know if she didn’t put that in the book I might not be that excited for Mockingjay so let’s give that credits. But still… Anywaaay. It was still such a great book. And among the three books in the series this one is my favorite. Yes I loved it more than the first book. I don’t know why (maybe because of Finnick? Jk.) . I just thought that it was more well written than the first book and the plot itself was just amazing.

And of course a bias rating of mine, 5 out of 5 ;)



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