The Last Apprentice: Revenge of the Witch Book Review!

The first book in the Last Apprentice book review!! :) This series has been one of my favorites ever since I started reading this. This series is also called “The Spook’s Apprentice”. So here you go :)



Never trust a girl with pointy shoes. This is one of the first and most important lessons Thomas Ward, the seventh son of a seventh son, must learn when he is apprenticed to the Spook. To be a Spook’s apprentice means a terrifying life filled with loneliness fighting creatures of the dark, and Tom doesn’t know if he’s up to the job. Protecting innocent people from creepy and malevolent beings is noble, but it’s not exactly going to bring new friends to his door.

After only a few weeks of being tested and trained, Tom finds himself alone in the Spook’s house when a witch who was imprisoned long ago escapes. He discovers too late that the Spook’s absence is not accidental and that the task of confronting her and saving his family rests solely in his unproven hands.




Okay guys, this is written by Joseph Delaney and let me start of with this, THIS IS AMAZING! I read this book when I was in sixth grade and I just fell in love with it. I may not be a fan when it comes to thriller novels but this just came into my attention. I never loved any thriller novel except for this. Let me be honest that I am such a scaredy cat but this was just phenomenal. Yes I was scared while reading this, it totally gave me goosebumps and a hard time to sleep but it was worth it. The plot was amazing. The scenes and events let me think that it was all real with all the boggarts and all. You know what, I don’t get why here in my country this series isn’t that a hit cause this is just amazing. Like oh so A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. And let me say I had read this for almost a hundred times and I am totally not exaggerating. Oh and by the way if you didn’t know, this will become a motion picture on January 17, 2014 entitled “Seventh Son”. And I tell you guys that you must watch it. Yes you MUST watch it. Anyway, with all the seventh son of a seventh son thing for Thomas Ward’s trade it’s just so amazing. Another must read by me. Hihi

And a Bias rating from me 100000 out of 5. Oops. I mean 5 out 5 ;)


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