The Last Apprentice: Attack of the Fiend Book Review!



“I see your future clearly. Your master will be dead, and you will be alone. It would be better if you had never been born.”

Thomas Ward is the apprentice for the local Spook, who banishes boggarts and drives away ghosts. But now a new danger is threatening Tom’s world: the witches are rising and the three most powerful clans are uniting in order to conjure an unimaginable evil.

Tom and the Spook set out to stop the witches before they unleash the demon. But when Tom finds himself on his own, he wonders if he has the courage and cunning to defeat the most powerful enemy he has ever encountered.


Now this, this is just one of the best books in the Wardstone Chronicles series. It’s just amazingly written. The Fiend/ Demon being unleashed by the three clans are just not explainable. The hardships that Mr. Gregory and Tom had to endure while fighting off and stopping the witches in rising the Fiend. Then the chests of Tom’s mom waiting to be revealed. Then to think that Tom, Alice and Mr. Gregory will be separated from one another are just all the feels coming through. I don’t want to say anymore cause I might spoil some more. So, to top it all off, it was such a great book and you would think that it would be the end of everything but nope, it still isn’t finished and the feels are just uncontrollable.

And lastly my rating 5 out of 5 :)


I hope all of you had a great 2013 and hope to see you next year! Love you guys! :**

-Ches xoxo


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