The Red Pyramid Book Review!

The first book review for this year!! :D The review about the Last Apprentice Series will be continued once I finish reviewing this book series. Hope you enjoy! :)




The book is written as a recording by Carter and Sadie Kane. Carter and their father, Julius, go to London to visit Sadie. She had to live with her grandparents in London after their mother died. Julius takes them to the British Museum to study the Rosetta Stone. But he actually has deeper motives and tries to summon Osiris, the Egyptian god of the Underworld by using the stone as an anchor. It goes wrong when all the other four major gods are brought out and Set the Egyptian god of madness and chaos, imprisons Julius.


So, recently I just read this book (like last month, December 2013) and I read this book because I wanted to read something that was themed in Egyptian Mythology (since everybody’s been going about Greek mythology). So when I asked other people to recommend me some books about books themed in Egyptian mythology, one of my friends suggested me this, well technically the whole Kane Chronicles series. And you know what, it is one of the most amazing book travels that I have ever been through. The changing of narrators, between Carter and Sadie, just suits so perfectly with every chapter that they narrating. And by the way that they are narrating, you can really tell who’s who. And the story itself, please don’t get me started or else I might not stop. It’s just amazing. With all that’s happen to them, their parents. Ugh. You won’t just have enough. Rick Riordan, you have again pursed my heart into another wonderful series that you have created. This is such a must read. Like seriously!

Rating 100000000 out of 5. I meant 5 out of 5 <3


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