The Throne of Fire Book Review!

Hello everyone! The 2nd book of the Kane Chronicles will be reviewed today! Sorry if I posted this a day late but I was busy doing my program for my major subject. But still, here it is! :D Hope you guys enjoy :)



Carter and Sadie Kane have to save the world with help from Lord Ra, the Egyptian god of sun that they have to revive.


The Kane Chronicles won’t just stop in giving you surprises every now and then. And especially to the fact that you can also learn the minor gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt. With the thought that Apophis is slowly escaping his prison, Carter and Sadie must revive Ra in order for them to defeat Apophis. Why must they revive Ra? Apophis and Ra are mortal enemies ever since and only Ra can defeat Apophis. Taken aside those facts, the imagination that will drive you in entering the world of this book is just phenomenal. It actually makes me feel that I would want to go to the Twenty First Nome and learn the path of the Gods. It’s just so mind blowing and emotional. The feels and excitement that you would just feel are just unexplainable. And when they start reviving Ra? Ugh, you won’t understand how they even kept up with it. Just the feels, the thrill and the excitement are what keeps this series going. Oh and by the way I ship Anubis and Sadie, and Walt and Sadie <33 Love everywhere. Lol XD

And as for my rating another brilliant 5 out of 5 <3


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