The Serpent’s Shadow Book Review!

Here’s the book review on the last book of the Kane Chronicles! :D


Now that Apophis has escaped from his prison, Carter and Sadie are now trying to find a way to put chaos back and to save the world. Zia is in the work of baby sitting Ra. Walt now only has little time left to help Sadie and Carter. Amos is now the Chief Lector who tries to persuade the other nomes to join them. What can they do to save the world?…


Hello guys it’s Ches and this last book gave me a lot of emotions to build and stir up. Like my reaction to every sentence, paragraph and chapters were just woah. I mean, yes some of it is technically so predictable but hey, you would still have the thrill once you already read the part that you were predicting. I mean come on, yes you predicted this part but you’ll still ask on how the author would write it. Ugh, it ‘s just so amaziiiiiiiing. Like so amazing that I didn’t stop reading (unless if I really have to especially when I have class and need to listen). Every time that I had a break I would just go and start reading again. But you know the ending? Yep, it wasn’t enough for me. You know with _____________ out of the loose and I keep on thinking what will happen to _________ and ________, and _________ and _________, and also the trainees what will happen to them next? Ugh, I just need more. It’s just the ending was not enough for me and that it would just you know there will still be things that might happen sooner or later. I just can’t ugh. It’s just so hard to explain my feels in just words. You must literally watch me while I’m reading this. Honestly, my friend keeps on laughing at me cause my expressions are just priceless. See on how much I was drawn to the book. And I totally cried. I oh so totally cried. Not kidding, I’m serious. But then I laughed soon after because of you know. Ugh. It’s totally killing me not to spoil anything. *laughs* Anyway I think I should end here or else I might say something that will spoil the good out of you in this book. But please, it’s a must read!!

5 out of 5 on my most biased review ever! ;)


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