The Last Apprentice: Wrath of the Bloodeye Book Review!

Hello guys! Let us continue the book review of the last apprentice series. Here’s the review of the fifth book! :)

wrathSummary/ Description:

Thomas Ward has spent two years as the Spook’s apprentice. He’s faced unimaginable peril, and survived. But a new danger has emerged: an ancient water witch, Bloodeye, is roaming the County intent on destroying everything in her path. To strengthen his skills, Tom is sent to the far north to train with the demanding Bill Arkwright. Arkwright lives in a haunted mill on the edge of a treacherous marsh, and his training methods prove to be harsh and sometimes cruel. Will Tom’s new bag of tricks be enough to overcome a critical mistake that leaves him confronting Bloodeye on his own?


Now now, Joseph Delaney has given us yet another wonderful book part of his amazing series. I came to have a liking with this one, this was one of those that I didn’t much expect because I just kept my mind closed that Tom would just stay with Mr. Gregory until his apprenticeship is done. And once again, I have been proved wrong by Joseph Delaney. Placing Tom in an environment so different with so different dangers that he would go through with Bill Arkwright. I mean, let’s put this straight, Mr.Gregory is a land person while Arkwright is a water person. And come on with the dogs being allowed eating the hearts of those witched. Just blagh. And of course let us not forget that Tom must face another “boss” in this book. Yup, you guessed it Bloodeye. One of the things that I like about Joseph Delaney’s writing is that in every single book Tom must fight a “boss” before the book ends. It’s just like a game you know. Anywaaay, taking my gamer aura aside. This was just amazing. I mean Tom had to go through hardships in this book, not just dark fight hardships that he should be used to by now, but also the hardships that he had gone through with training with Bill Arkwright. Well honestly speaking, Bill Arkwright isn’t one of those people that he would treat you likely and softly. Come on, he showed how hard life is during those times. But I can feel Tom with his being homesick from Chipenden, that was actually hard for him. And to sum it all up, this was yet another an amazing book by Joseph Delaney. I mean his writings so far had never failed to impress me every time I get a new book that was written by him.

And a rating for my fiction lovers out there 5 out of 5

(Yes I do give big ratings now a days cause the books that I’ve been reading are full of my interests especially the fiction ones I mean these type of fictions though. XD)

(You guys can comment below on what book I should be reading. Like seriously, I should broaden the books that I must read)


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