The Last Apprentice: Rise of the Huntress Book Review!


Summary/ Short Description:
After a long journey and a hard battle, the Spook and his apprentice, Tom Ward, have returned home. But the county has been overrun by enemy soldiers. The Spook’s house is in ruins, the boggart protecting it has fled, and the malicious witches imprisoned in the gardens have escaped. Tom, Alice, and the Spook must flee, too, across the ocean to the island of Mona. And it’s on Mona that this small band fighting against the dark will face an old enemy grown terrifyingly powerful. Will they be able to vanquish an evil that crawls beneath the ground itself? And at what cost?

Now one thing for sure, I was so terrified at this book. Like seriously, I usually can read this series during the night but this, I had to read it during the day and watch something funny or fuzzy in order for me to head to bed. And since I read this during the day I only can remember some parts of the book just because it scared the heck out of me. I can’t stay focused on this book just for the fact that it was just horrifying. The first that scared me was that when the Spook’s house was burned down (as said in the short description above). Why did it scare me? Think of the Spook’s library burned down along with all the books. That’s just such a horrifying thing to imagine! That was the start that this book just gave me the creeps. But if you’re into this type of book and/or you have been loving the series so far (like I do) go ahead. Give it a read and will be just as amazing as the others.

4 out of 5 for scaring the heck out of me.


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