Divergent Novel vs. Divergent Movie


*Review of the novel was already posted. See the post before this*

Review of the Movie:
Okay. I literally did not expect that much in the movie. I mean, I have gone through tons of breakdowns just because the movie was just horrible but this movie just blew my heart away. It did not disappoint me that much but it still did in many ways which will be discussed after. But the movie was amazing. When you can say that it came close to the book, it did. Props to the script writer and director for that. The effects were amazing, the actors and actresses did their part well and that is just enough for me to give it a thumbs up. For the first adaptation movie for the first book, it was so better than what I have expected it totally gave me the feels every time. Since I’m going to bottle up my rants at the next part my rating will be 4/5 :)

*this part will contain spoilers. If you haven’t watched the movie or read the book please don’t read this part. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED*

Okay okay, the movie was amazing but I just hate some things about it. The first one that bothered me so much was that the Dauntless-born initiates were not properly introduced. Especially Uriah! Uriah is my favorite character in the novel and they didn’t even introduced him properly. How about Lynn and Marlene huh? What about them? They have an important role in the next books and they weren’t introduced to the audience properly. Another was the score boards. The fucking score boards in the novel did not show the rankings of both Dauntless-born and faction transfer initiates. The score boards only showed the faction transfer initiates. It may be a small little detail but it irritated me so much! Another was the part when Peter and his gang stabbed Edward in the eye and after that incident Edward and Molly dropped out of the initiation. I mean this part was important because it showed how much Peter wanted to be top of things and doesn’t want to be at the bottom of anybody. Another was during the capture the flag scene. I don’t mind Tris getting the flag but they should have shown how Christina got the flag to herself to get the attention and how Tris gave her that privilege and didn’t even want to get the flag. Another, WHERE ARE THE OTHER FOURTRIS SCENES?!?! They have left some fourtris scenes out. Another when Tris saw the pile of books in Caleb’s room. This scene in the book showed that Caleb will eventually go to Erudite. Another the Visiting day in the book. Tris and her mom met during Visiting day in the book however in the movie they met somewhere at the Pub secretly. Her mom was also supposed to ask a favor to Tris to go to Caleb to research about the simulation serum. And where is exactly that huh? And when Tris got caught when she gets back by Eric and Four covers her up. Another fourtris scene deleted.

Anyway, that’s all my rant can handle for now. Comment down below what other things I have left out about the movie. Love you guys! Ciao!
-Ches xoxo


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