My Guy Best Friend (Own Short Story)

Hi guys! Sorry that I haven’t been posting for quite a while now. Just busy with school and other personal stuff. And since I don’t know what to review right now, let me share to you a short story that I wrote when I was in my Senior years in High school. Enjoy! :)


I was sitting at the bench under the tree in the park. Just feeling the soft breeze pass by through me. Listening to the birds chirping, rustling of the leaves in the trees and the waves made by the wind in the pond. I closed my eyes feeling the light of the sunshine, when it suddenly became dark. I opened my eyes to see what happened, and saw that my guy best friend was standing in front of me. He smiled and asked if he can sit beside me. I agreed so he sat down. He looked depressed. I wondered if he and his girl friend had a row.  I thought twice before asking him but I can’t just leave it unknown to me. So I asked him about and he told me that he did have a row with his girl friend. He told me on what happened and that his girl friend broke up with him. He sobbed and I put my arm over his shoulders and told him that someone out there would just be waiting for him and that someone would be better than her. He gave me a smile while a tear was trickling down his nose. I smiled back at him and blushed a little as he wiped the tear that was trickling down his nose.  He hugged me like I was his little sister. I blushed even more. He whispered to me thanks and said that I was right. I smiled as he let go. I wanted to tell him that I liked him but before I could speak, he opened his mouth and said. “You know what, you’re the best friend I ever had. You’re like the sister I never had.”